Our mission is to enroll donors on the National 'Be The Match' Registry, especially in minority communities. We accomplish this by organizing, managing and doing marrow donor drives across the country.

A patient needing a marrow or stem cell transplant is in danger of dying if they do not get one.  Only 30% find that match within their families.  The rest (70%) must rely on unrelated donors from the National Registry.

Because tissue type in inherited, most patients will find a donor witin their own ethnic or racial group.

Because the numbers of minority donors are so low, minority children and adults needing a transplant do not get the same chance at a life saving treatment as the majority.  It is the clearest example of health care disparity and it is totally solvable.  We simply must sign up more minority donors.

African Americans are the group with the least representation.  Of the 8 million donors on the National Registry, only 8% are Black.  Since Blacks represent 13% of the U.S. population, a shortage of 400,000 donors causes more African Americans with blood cancers and disorders to die proportionately than any other groups.

All minority groups are underepresented!

In December of 2009, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that stem cell transplants are a viable 'cure' for Sickle Cell Disease.

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Our Mission

" Saving Lives Through Donor Drives. "