Lloyd Jones, also known as “LJ” is 9 years old and enjoys listening to music and basketball.  He lives with his mother, Crystal, in Tampa FL.

“LJ” was diagnosed with Hyper-Eosiniphilic Syndrome and needs a marrow transplant. “LJ just found out that no one in his family is a match.  He needs a marrow transplant from a stranger to win his battle.

LJ's illness is one of the rarest forms of cancer.  In fact LJ is the first child diagnosed with this disease.  All others have been adults.  He is currently undergoing treatment at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa, FL

Marrow Nation is teaming with “LJ‘s“  family and Driving For Donors to organize a life-saving bone marrow drive in honor of “LJ” and the thousands of other patients searching for a life-saving marrow or stem cell transplant.

If you would like to volunteer at a drive or to sign up for the Be The Match Registry, please call (727) 789 4731.

You must be 18 - 60 years old, be in good health, not exceed height to weight maximums and be willing to donate to any patient in need of a transplant.

It is vital that all donors of minority ethnic groups sign up.  'LJ' is Native American, African American, and Hispanic.  An emergency appeal is out for all people with some or all of those backgrounds, to sign up immediately.

Return here often to find a drive near you.  During business hours on Monday through Friday, donors may walk -in and register at the St. Petersburg office of the 'Be The Match' Registry

10100 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Phone: 727-329-1952

Please note:  The office is located in the Florida Blood Services annex, a smaller building to the left of the main office.

Please make mention of Marrow Nation when you sign up.

Lloyd Jones
"Saving Lives Through Marrow Drives"