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The inspiration for our organization is Pat Pedraja who, at 10 years old was diagnosed with leukemia (A.L.L.). During his chemo treatments at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa, FL., Pat became aware of child who died because she did not receive a matching marrow or stem cell transplant.

Pat then decided to drive around the U.S., with the help of his Grand Parents Gordon and Sharon Small to sign up donors to become potential life-saving marrow/stem cell donors.  He began his journey in 2007 with a goal to enroll 2007 donors.  The final results for the year were over 6,000 donors signed!  Today Pat is living a healthy and wonderful life.

Why This Is So Important

Simple action- greatest gift
  • Every 3 minutes a child or adult is diagnosed with a blood cancer.
  • 480 people a day.
  • 174,000 people a year.
  • 70% of patients DO NOT have a related match and must search the registry.
  • Matches are primarily made within a person’s same ethnic background.
  • There is a tremendous need for more ethnically diverse people to join. 
  • More than 100 conditions can be cured through marrow and stem cell transplantation, including Leukemia, Aplastic Anemia and Sickle Cell Disease.

You can make a world of difference, become involved today.

Can't Make It to One of Our Drives

Donor Drive

If you are between the ages of 18 and 45 and in general good health, you can start the process by going to